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What am I up to?

What am I up to?

Well, it’s funny when you have an old blog that is still up, but not being posted to. Last time I posted, I talked about how I was part of a new blog. It was a great and wonderful experience, if not a bit frustrating. I loved everyone I worked on the blog with, but as I did a lot of the blog management, they would frustrate me sometimes.

However, as I’m no longer in London, I have moved on from The Boozy Bunch to start my own blog The Gay Gastronaut. It’s mostly restaurants at the moment, but I definitely want to incorporate cooking (as I’m still passionate about it) as soon as I get some of those recipes running around in my head figured out.

I hope you join me there (especially if you found this site, as there is still a little bit of activity here…)

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