More Banana Bread

21 Nov

Due to the overwhelming amount of bananas filling up my freezer (thanks to my fruit and veg box), I decided to whip up some banana bread. I made a double batch, as I was also giving a presentation for my department for our group meetings, and wanted to bring a little snack to distract them in case it was terrible. I have a standard recipe I usually make, but I decided to try a new one.

I went with the Smitten Kitchen banana bread recipe. I chose it for a couple of reasons, the first being that it seemed incredibly easy as you practically added the ingredients to the bowl and stirred. The second is the booze. I love anything with a bit of booze in it, and I used spiced rum instead of bourbon (due to my lack of bourbon in the house). I also added walnuts because I love walnuts and to give a bit of texture.

They turned out great. My co-workers loved the bread, and it may be my new go to banana bread recipe. I may still use the other one, as it is easily adaptable if I want to make other things, like pumpkin or zucchini bread.

Banana bread (with rum).

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