Harvey Wallbanger cake redux

27 Jul

For the past few weeks the bottle of Galliano that I bought for my Harvey Wallbanger cake has been staring at me.  The only two options I have are to drink it, or to bake another cake.  I went for the second option.  However, there were a few things about the cake I didn’t like the first time.  The taste was a bit mild and the icing was way too runny, so I vowed to fix these things this time around. I experimented a bit with the recipe.

One thing that the non-from scratch versions of the cake use is vanilla Jello instant pudding.  However, with the lack of pudding in the UK (pudding here is something, or rather lots of somethings, very different), I needed to find something else that might work.  I went for custard powder.  Basically it’s just corn starch with some color and flavorings, so I decided to use that instead of the corn starch in the recipe.  I also decided to add a few more tablespoons, so I upped it to five, hoping that it might make for a moister cake.  The second thing I did was to only use Galliano.  Since the taste of vodka is practically non-existent, I figured using all Galliano in place of the vodka might infuse the cake with more flavor.  I also decided to add less liquid to the glaze in order to make a thicker glaze.  I also baked the cake for five minutes less than I did before.

The cake ended up tastier.  It was still not quite the consistency as the one I remember as a child, but I think box cake mixes just have a different texture, so it’s likely that I will never achieve that soft texture.  It was still a bit dry, but getting better, so if I make it again, I might add more orange juice to the batter just to see what happens.  Also the glaze was much better, as you can see in the picture.  I noticed that the original recipe called for 1 teaspoon of vodka in the glaze, and I think I added 1 tablespoon, so it’s probably my fault the glaze was so runny.  This time I went with 2 tablespoons of total liquid (which was much too thick) then added a splash more Galliano to it to thin it out a bit more.  Overall, I think I ended up with a slightly better cake, so I’m happy with how it ended up.  The flavor of the cake as a whole is still a bit mild, so I’m not sure how I can improve that.  I suppose I could add more vanilla extract or maybe some orange extract in order to punch the flavor up a notch.

Harvey Wallbanger cake redux

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