Baking Hiatus

18 Jul

Well the last couple of weeks didn’t involve a whole lot of baking, but I did bake an apple pie over the weekend which I plan on posting about soon.

The main reason for this is that we were out celebrating Tom’s birthday!  After his party on Saturday with the chocolate blackout cake, we had Mexican and saw Chicago on his actual birthday (Tuesday).  We had a great time, as the show was very well done and entertaining.  On Friday, we left town to go to Bray.  Bray is one of those funny little places as it has two restaurants with three Michelin starsThe Waterside Inn, and The Fat Duck, which is also ranked as one of the top restaurants in the world.  I got reservations to The Fat Duck, and then we decided to hit up The Waterside Inn as well, so it became a luxury meal weekend for Tom’s birthday.

Since I didn’t do a lot of baking, and I finally got the photos downloaded, I decided to present pictures of the desserts we had at the two restaurants until I get back on my baking and blogging feet:

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